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Stay Warm With Woolpower

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Stay Warm With Woolpower

It took us 4 years to get a Woolpower account, such is the high demand for the output of Woolpower's one factory. Woolpower is warm thanks to the terry knit of their base and mid layer insulation, their Ulfrotte material is 2/3 Merino wool and a 1/3 synthetic to make it long lasting.
Ulfrotte, unlike flat merion knits is warm when damp, I even use mine kayaking in winter.
Each seamstress markes the clothes that he or she sewed with their own nametag. You’ll find the tag next to the washing instructions. Take a look inside your Woolpower garment. Is it for example Martha, Rokaia or Eleonor who made yours?
Woolpower’s garments don’t need to be washed so often as wool has naturally cleaning properties. Simply airing them out can be enough for them to feel fresh again. If you do want to wash them though, you can do so up to 60 degrees.
The best way to stay warm is to follow the layering principle. You can combine Woolpower’s clothes precisely as you want depending on what you plan to do. Are you going to move around a lot, or will you be standing still? How you dress will depend on the answer.