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All Camping Food

Pre prepared food is great for expeditions, large and small. Make sure you take enough calories for your trip. High exertion levels and difficult climates can double or triple your calorie requirements.
If you have to carry water anyway then boil in the bag food can be more convenient, if water is available on your trip then freeze dried food allows you to carry more food and more calories with less weight.
Don't forget a little luxury is important when things get tough, our chocolate puddings are popular on midnight watches at sea, and when you are really tired and hungry the simpler the better, boil in the bag meals can be eaten cold if it is calories that you need now. A mix of slow and fast burn calories is handy too. A ration pack is full of little treats and can oftne be take to supplement fresh food, when you find you need an extra meal or snack to keep you going.
Our meals are available in servings up to 1000 calories, for a large order we can offer a larger range of recipes.

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