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Tentipi Stoves and Fireboxes

Fantastic wood stoves to heat your tent and cook your tea.

The Tentipi Eldfell stove is made of sheet stainless steel, the clever airflow design means the air comes in through the front vent, goes under and through the grate, through your fuel (wood only) then up into the secondary combustion chamber (directly below the flat top where you can fit a couple of cooking pans).
When using a Tentipi Eldfell Tent stove, I lay my fire, light the tinder and walk away, happy in the knowledge that the excellent draw will fan the flames and that in a few minutes the fire will be raging, the tent warm and that I can cook on the stove top.

Please read Tentipi's guidance on Fire Safety before using your Tentipi Eldfell Stove or Firebox.

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