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Hennessy Hammock - Canadian designed asymmetric camping hammock systems for comfort

Comfortable, high quality hammocks for bushcrafters, campers, wanderers and the military. At home in the woods, forest or on jungle manoevres.
A fantastic, easy to use hammock system from Canada complete with flysheet and mosquito netting. Attach between two trees, enter through the velcro flap underneath, stand up, sit back, and relax in comfort, sealed away from midges and bugs. The unique asymetrical design makes for a flatter profile and more comfortable sleeping position.
Add a Hennessy Hex Fly for a larger sheltered area and add snakeskins for tangle free packing and un packing.
Proadventure staff have used Hennessy Hammocks on camping and canoe trips in England, Wales, Scotland and France and they love the comfort and convenience. "The most comforable sleeps I have had camping have been in a Hennessy Hammock."

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