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Laura's Favourite Kit

Laura, if you had to survive on a desert island what 5 items would you take from the shop?

Casstrom No.10 Swedish Forest Knife, Gransfors Small Forest Axe, Tentipi Safir 9 (with a floor, drying rail and stove…does that still count as one item?!),DD Paracord 25m, Netherton Foundry 12” glamping pan.

Top 3 Favourite brands?

Woolpower - partly because of the name! Also because wool is a natural material, as well as being wonderfully breathable and cosy.

Close second is Petromax, as I like having a fire when camping and prefer cooking with cast iron equipment

Thirdly Paramo - although I only have a few paramo items, I am glad of how ethical/eco-friendly they are and they perform so well!

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