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Tentipi Buyers Guide

The ProAdventure Tentipi Buyers' Guide

Why buy a Tentipi?

If you want a tent that’s comfortable, durable, and well-built, Tentipi tents will help you pitch the perfect camp.

  • Easy to put up: you’ll be ready to camp in minutes.
  • Long-lasting: whatever the model, you’ll be enjoying your Tentipi for years to come.
  • Standing room: spacious tents make even extended stays a pleasure.
  • All-year round: add a stove to weather even the deepest winter.

There are some absolute essentials you need to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a Tentipi. Read on to find out what we’ve learned in years of using them, selling them, and running the UK Tentipi camps.

Which Tentipi model should you buy?


The Safir is Tentipi’s premium tent. It uses their best fabrics, has more vent options than any other tent and includes a faster-fitting floor system. The Safir is our most popular range despite being the most expensive, and customers tell us what a big difference these small upgrades make over the Zirkon.

There are two models. Most people choose the breathable cotton/polyester version, but we sometimes sell the Safir Light – using non-breathable Traillix Pro fabric – when people want a lighter tent to move around with.

Why choose Safir?
  • Tentipi’s most advanced tents for the best camping experience.
  • Premium features like triple air intake vents and Tentipi’s top-end fabrics.
  • Perfect for even the most extreme conditions.


The Zirkon is a home-from-home in all but the most extreme conditions. Tentipi have balanced price and performance to give you a comfortable tent that’s perfect for the conditions most people will use it in.

Like the Safir there are two different models: the more popular breathable cotton/polyester version using Cotpolmex Comfort and the lightweight non-breathable version using Traillix Comfort.

Why choose Zirkon?
  • A perfect blend of price and performance
  • Features like a double ventilator cap and ground-level air intake are ideal for extended stays.
  • For all but the most extreme conditions.


The Onyx range is perfect for family camping and moderately demanding outings. Customers tell us it’s ideal for back garden camping and gives children a perfect place to play. Portable, spacious, and easy to pitch, it’s a more affordable way into Tentipi camping.

Again, it’s available in two different fabrics: breathable Cotpolmex Comfort and non-breathable Traillix Base.

Why choose Onyx?
  • You’re camping on moderately demanding outings
  • You want the most affordable tent in Tentipi’s range
  • You want essential features like a ventilator cap, storm cords and double door




FabricCotpolmex Pro / Traillix ProCotpolmex Comfort / Traillix ComfortCotpolmex Comfort / Traillix Basic
Ground-level air intakes310
Ventilator capDoubleDoubleSingle
Storm CordsPre-tied, reflectivePre-tied, reflectiveSupplied
Compression bagAdvancedAdvancedStandard
Reinforced edgingYYN
Use with stoveYYY
Use with open fireYYY
Double-zip door with meshYYY
Hanging loop for dryingYYY
Inner tentOptionalOptionalOptional


The Olivin is Tentipi’s lightweight backpacking tent. Only available as the smallest sized Olivin 2, you can choose from either breathable Cotpolmex Comfort or non-breathable Traillix Comfort (with an optional inner tent).

It’s much smaller than any other Tentipi model. The Olivin 2 light weighs less than 2kg and easily fits in a backpacking bag.

Buy Olivin if:
  • You’re backpacking or travelling fast and light
  • You want a packable and lightweight tent with plenty of room
  • You still want the comfort of a Tentipi

What size Tentipi should you buy?
Tentipi Adventure Tent Size Range

Tentipi tents come in four different sizes. While Tentipi make recommendations for how many people each tent sleeps, we see those as figures for a full tent. Most of the time, we suggest sizing up from Tentipi’s recommendations.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules though – it’s all about how you’re going to use it.

Tentipi 2

Tentipi say: 2 people plus dog

We say: This is Tentipi’s smallest, lightest design. It’s ideal for one person (and their dog) or a couple, but we’d only choose it where you’re carrying your tent and don’t want the weight or bulk of anything larger.

Available in: Olivin

Tentipi 5

Tentipi say: 4-6 people.

We say: Ideal for solo campers and couples who don’t need a larger tent. The 5 sleeps two in comfort on their own mats, but there’s also room to spend time in the tent during bad weather or during the day. The pack size on the Light version is small enough to carry motorbike touring, or in a sea kayak, or during bushcraft excursions.

Taller campers often size up to the 7 for extra headroom

Available in: Safir, Zirkon, Onyx

Tentipi 7:

Tentipi say: 6-8 people

We say: The perfect compact family tent. The 7 sleeps two adults on a double sleeping mat and a child in comfort. There’s also room to prepare food, spend time together and still have space to sleep. It’s best suited for car camping and open canoe camping.

Available in: Safir, Zirkon, Onyx

Tentipi 9:

Tentipi say: 8-10 people

We say: A great choice for weekends of family camping with a double bed and a couple of singles. There’s plenty of room for larger families, folding camp beds and comfortable time during bad weather.

Available in: Safir, Zirkon, Onyx

Tentipi 15:

Tentipi say: 14-16 people

We say: Tentipi’s luxury family tent is great for extended stays where you want enough space for all the luxuries – or if you want to bring all your friends. It’s also a popular choice with outdoor centres and groups.

Available in: Safir, Zirkon

See for yourself
Take our virtual tour and compare different sizes and ways of camping in 360°.

What fabrics do Tentipi use?

Tentipi Tent Fabrics
There are four different fabrics that Tentipi use, all with different variations:


This is the name Tentipi give their classic tan cotton/polyester flysheets. They’re breathable, very durable and highly water repellent. There are two different variations: Cotpolmex Comfort in the Zirkon and Onyx and Cotpolmex Pro for the Safir. The Pro is the best fabric we’ve ever seen, made by Tencate to last and

Pros: breathable, very durable, classic style.

Cons: heavier and bulkier than Traillix

Enviromex Pro

Safir eco; made from a unique blend of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The results of testing in harsh conditions demonstrate that the eco fabric parallels the proven Safir cotton/polyester. Safir eco benefits from the same exclusive features; robust strength, highly UV resistant, excellent stability and incomparable water-repellent properties. The combination of these features produces a well-ventilated and premium “indoor” climate. 100 percent eco with absolutely no compromise on functionality. Approximately 285 g/m2 .

Hemp is known as one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. It has the same breathable and moisture regulating properties as cotton, but requires very little water for growth or during the production process. The plant has natural antibacterial characteristics so there is no need for pesticides or other harsh chemicals. Hemp produces a high harvest per square metre. The hemp plant benefits from a deep root system which binds the soil and leaves it in excellent condition for any succeeding crop.
Recycled polyester The hemp fabric is reinforced with a recycled polyester, made from renewable plastic bottles. Increased durability with a lower negative impact on the environment.
Organic cotton 100 percent biologically grown using less water than conventional cotton, without the use of toxic chemicals.
Original colour (off-white) The use of non-coloured fabric reduces the carbon footprint. No bleaching chemicals, no fabric dye and less water to purify before being discharged into wastewater networks.


Tentipi use Traillix in their lightweight synthetic tipis. They don’t breathe like Cotpolmex, but the tents are far lighter and smaller. We recommend using an inner tent with Traillix Tentipis to avoid condensation.

There are three versions: Traillix Basic is the most affordable, Traillix Comfort is a ripstop polyamide with double-sided coating, and Traillix Pro is a ‘waterproof super fabric’ made from high-tenacity Nylon 66.

Pros: lightweight, packs down small

Cons: fabric isn’t breathable so condensation can be a problem without an inner

Innerlix and Floolix

These are the fabrics Tentipi have designed for their inner tents and floors respectively. They’re both available in Comfort spec and the higher-performing Pro spec.

What do our customers say?

In our shop, we hear so many different reasons that people want Tentipis that we’ve lost count. So we asked the Tentipi User Group UK on Facebook what they thought, and why they were sticking with Tentipi.

“The quality and durability are outstanding.”
“They’re easy to put up by yourself.”
“They’re designed to withstand winter weather and strong winds.”
“Imagine a Rolls Royce in tent form.”
“You can have a lie-in. It doesn’t get hot and start to broil you as soon as the sun comes up.”
“You get a lot of tent envy.”
“The Tentipi is comparable to a hand-made pair of shoes. They’ll both last a lifetime and give you a warm feeling of satisfaction when you use them.”
“It warms well in cold weather with the stove.”
“There’s a lovely atmosphere inside with the cotton canvas.”
“There is a joyful sense of adventure and being part of the environment in a Tentipi, that you just won't get in another tent. We love it.”

What accessories do you need?

The Range of Tentipi Adventure Tent Accessories

We recommend a groundsheet for any Tentipi – it keeps your floor dry, reduces condensation and makes things much more homely.

All the floors have zip opening options – essential if you’re going to use a stove or firebox.

Our most popular floors are the full floors, which cover the whole ground area inside. You can also buy half-floors for 7 and 9-sized tents, which are great if you’re using a half inner tent.

  • Pro floor (full floor only) – the most durable, long-lasting option – an ideal match for the Safir (not available for 15-sized tents).
  • Comfort floor (full or half floor) – a high-quality alternative that costs a bit less than a pro.
  • Fleece floor (half floor only) – fleece backed with a waterproof face fabric, this gives you ultimate barefoot comfort if you couple it with a comfort half-floor.

Stove (and drying rail) (keeping kids safe)

We’ll admit it – we didn’t really understand Tentipi stoves until we tried them. At our first Tentipi camp there were four tents in a row, all with neat chimneys poking out of the top. We thought there must be something in it…

And there was. In anything less than perfect summer conditions we’ll always bring a wood-burning stove to keep a tent warm, dry and comfortable inside – and give us somewhere to cook and a way to dry out gear.

Eldfell Pro – these are our favourite stoves, and they’re Tentipi’s preferred setup. They stainless steel, they have an ingenious double-chamber arrangement which means they draw incredibly and burn very clean. They pack down easily with the flue fitting inside the stove, and the all stainless-steel construction means they’re durable and keep looking good, trip after trip.

Anevay Frontier plus – these are a more affordable alternative to the Eldfell, and they’re a great way into the world of warm-tent camping. Perfect for cooking, heating and drying, the Frontier Plus will transform your Tentipi.

Gstove - these are a well made stainless steel stove with a smaller flue, efficiency is between the Eldfell Pro and the Frontier Plus. You get a glass door to see the flames and a great range of accessories including ovens.

Hekla firebox – available in two sizes, the Hekla is a cheap and packable way to bring heat into your tent. You can use it to grill or cook, or simply keep your tent cosy. The raised fire-floor is perforated to clean much hotter and more efficiently than an open fire – and use less wood in the process. The Hekla 7 is a compact alternative to a spirit stove, while the Hekla 30 is much more substantial.

We also sell a Hekla fire box stand – ideal for protecting the ground surface or setting a fire on show.

And if you’re planning on a stove, we’d strongly recommend putting up a Tentipi drying rail to make the most of the warmth.

Stove and firebox tips

  • Always fold away the tent floor under your stove or fire – even if you’re using a stand.
  • To keep children and pets from accidentally touching the stove, you can easily modify a wire dog crate to do the job cheaply.
  • Your tent needs to have ventilation and airflow while you’re burning – we recommend a compact battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm for peace of mind.
  • And remember – any stove or firebox means you’ve got a fire in your tent. Never leave it burning unattended.


Canopies are shaped coverings that fit over the door of your tent to make it even more versatile. As well as keeping rain out of your tent when you open the door, they also give you a covered area – offering both shade and shelter.

The most popular option is the large on a 7- or 9-sized tent, which has enough room for a picnic table underneath. The smaller version fits the 5-sized tents. You can also pitch the canopies separately as a tarp, windbreak or freestanding shelter.


The porch is a structured covering that fits the front of a tent. It adds even more space, and customers often use them to add storage for bulky items. They’re only available for the 7- and 9-sized tents.

Inner tent

The main reason people buy inners is to reduce condensation in Traillix tents – though you can also use them in Cotpolmex tents if you’re camping somewhere with biting insects.


Ten Tipi Frequently Asked Questions
Can you use a Tentipi in cold weather?

Definitely – it’s what they’re designed for.

If you want to use a Safir, Zirkon or Onyx in cold or damp weather, we strongly recommend bringing a stove. As well as keeping the tent warm and dry, you can also use them for cooking and hook up a drying rail to dry out damp equipment. We also recommend adding a groundsheet.

Can you use a Tentipi in warm weather?

Yes – they ventilate far better than most tents on the market. We’d recommend the Safir if you’re expecting to spent time in warm climates: the extra ventilation options make a big difference.

How should you care for your Tentipi?

Most of the time, it’s as simple as drying it out properly if there’s any dampness at all when you break camp. All Tentipis have a reinforced hanging hook, which makes the flysheet easy to hang up over a door when you get home.

What do you use for a bed?

One of the great things about Tentipis is that they’ve got enough room for a bit of comfort. Most people tend to choose either a luxury camping mat or a folding bed, but the choice is yours. If you want a well-designed folding bed, many of our customers choose beds specifically designed for carp fishing.

Where can you try a Tentipi?

If you want to have a look around a Tentipi we have demo tents. Just call us on 01978 860605 and we’ll arrange a time to put one up in our local park here in Llangollen, North Wales. We’ve got all the sizes from 5-15, and it’s a great way to get a feel for the size and ask any questions.

What are the UK Tentipi camps?

We run Tentipi camps once or twice a year. It’s a great chance to get together with likeminded people. If you don’t have your own tipi yet, you can rent one of ours.

Where can you meet other Tentipi enthusiasts?

We strongly recommend the Tentipi user group on Facebook. You’ll meet some real experts in the group, read some fantastic trip reports and find out how people use their Tentipis.

Where can you camp?

You can use a Tentipi anywhere you can pitch a normal tent. That said, we’ve put together a list that Tentipi campers really love.

Click here for Tentipi camper-approved campsites

How well do Tentipis work for groups?

They’re a versatile option – especially in the largest 15 size.

It’s also worth considering the Zirkonflex and Safirflex – hybrids of the larger adventure tents with Tentipi’s giant event tents (that can seat up to 144 people).

Click here to Find out what we thought when we tried a Zirkonflex.

Do you have any other tips?

Yes we do. Find out 16 pro tips from Tentipi experts to make your Tentipi trip even more successful.

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