BCB Commando Wire Saw NATO Approved

BCB Commando Wire Saw
NATO Approved

The BCB Commando Wire Saw consists of a 28" length of 8 strand braided stainless steel wire with a metal ring attached to each end. Because of the flexibility of the BCB Commando Wire Saw, it can be used to cut a variety of different materials such as wood, bone, and soft metals such as aircraft aluminum.

This NATO Approved Commando Wire Saw can cut these materials in locations that would be inaccessible to a larger saw. The utility in this is obvious to a downed flier, allowing the pilot to use the structural materials in the downed aircraft and materials from the surrounding area to make shelters, tools etc.

The NATO Commando Wire Saw can also be strung between the ends of a stick to make a bow saw. This is a serious survival tool that is in use by military pilots and special operations personnel worldwide.

This is not a cheap copy of a quality wire saw. This is the original. BCB's popular patented Commando Wire Saw is still the best wire saw available. The BCB Commando Wire Saw is NATO approved under

NSN: 5110-99-565-2549

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