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The brilliant inferno and brew machine that is the Ghillie Storm Kettle, with an handful of twigs and a few minutes your water will soon be boiling. People don't realize how good these water boilers are, quick easy and impressive, owners of the British Made Ghillie Kettle love them and wholeheartedly recommend them. Traditionally spun in aluminium the twin skinned kettle has a whistle to let you know when your water is boiling and make sure you don't let it boil over.
  • Ghillie Kettle - British Made with a Whistle

    Ghillie Kettle - British Made with a Whistle
    The British made Ghillie Kettle is a must have companion for Fishermen, Hunters, Campers, Bushcraft or any general outdoor enthusiasts. Very lightweight, it is constructed from strong 1.6mm aluminium. Just make your fire in the base using twigs, newspaper, etc... (no need for gas or atificial fuels) then fill the compartment with water and place it on the base. Once your fire is burning, the water heats in minutes. As the base is enclosed (save the air intake) there is no danger of your fire going out - simply drop twigs down the chimeny to keep it fueled. We find this kettle easy to use and a great morale booster, especially on damp and rainy days. The base can be used as a sturdy stove when the grills and cook set are applied. This is the only kettle version of this type that has a saftey whistle which blows to let you know when the water is boiled, which only takes 3-5 mins for 1litre of water. Full instructions and a bag for storing the kettle in are included.

    We have been using these for many years so please read our review of the British Made Ghillie Kettle

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