For extreme expeditions, challenging trekking, or a superb tent that sholuld last you decades the Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi is perhaps the world’s most versatile tent for people who need maximum performance and flexibility.

Our customers and users of the Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi include, individuals, family campers, open canoe expedtioners, Youth services, scout groups, buschraft companies and more. They choose a high quality tent that they now will last a long time and will get great service from Tentipi of Sweden and their Official Tentipi Shop.

Used from the Arctic to the tropics the ventiliation and flexibility makes the Safir a superb tent. Great materials and design and importantly the range of stoves and fireboxes that you can use inside your tent will make your camping experience better.

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  • Tentipi Safir Adventure Tents - Possibly the best tipi in the world

    The Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi is perhaps the world’s most versatile tent for people who need maximum performance and flexibility.

    Each Tentipi Safir has a superb top vent system with six controls for different venting options, three low level zipped vents for stove and fire ventilation and superb natural cooling in hot weather.

    The materials from the guys to the canvas are of the highest quality. This tent has been used for many things including Arctic Expeditions and for decades of family camping. The target life for a Tentipi Safir is to survive being pitched continuously for 10 years in the elements.

    The big Tentipi advantage with family camping is that the tent can be up in under 3 minutes and the kids can get out of the car and under cover.

    If you are making a comparision with the Tentipi Zirkon Nordic Tipi Range, the Safir has stronger, tighter woven fabric, stronger pegs, a stronger pole and more ventilation.

    The Tentipi Safir pairs perfectly with the Tentipi Pro Inner and Tentipi Pro Floor, but will also work with the Tentipi Comfort Floor and Comfort and Base Inners.

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  • Tentipi Nordic Tipi Sizing
    The biggest question we get from people who want to buy a Tentipi Nordic Tipi is,

    "What size should I buy?"

    So here's what people go for size wise.
    Tentipi Size 5 - Usually for individuals, it's a comfortable one person and a dog base camp size, with plenty of space, and still room for a Tentipi Eldfell stove to dry your kit and extend your camping season.
    Tentipi Size 7 - Popular for canoe trippers and couples, plenty of roon for a bit of glamping. This will fit on wild camping spots significantly smaller than a size 9.
    Tentipi Size 9 - the all time favourite, the most popular being the Tentipi Safir 9. Room for a family of 4 or five to camp for the week, when the kids get bigger they will probably want their own tent, so you'll have lots of room to breathe. Big enough for a weeks family camping. Definitely the size for a family of 4 with a stove and a table.
    Tentipi Size 15 - Lots of room, 16 pegs rather than 8 but will still go up with one person in 10 minutes. Popular with Youth Services, schools, families and even couples, we have customers with up to 10 Size 15 Tentipi, when the tipi's go up in Wrexham local authority the kids come running! You'll see a photo in the tentipi brochure of 72 primary school children sat in Zirkon 15. The Tentipi 15's are even more stable in wind than the smaller tents due to the panel shapes and seams that stiffen the tent even more.
    Tentipi Olivin - a spacious 2 person back packing tent with superb design, a hexagonal footprint and great ventilation.

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