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    Basic Differences between Onyx, Zirkon and Safir Tentipi Tents

    The Tentipi Onyx has the least ventilation options and will last for many years, the least popular of the models is still a very good tent with aircraft grade aluminium pole and pegs.

    The Tentipi Zirkon has better top vents, a low level air vent that is good when using a stove or fire in the Tentipi, a super tough lower skirt and the pegs and pole are a higher grade of aluminium than the Onyx. The Zirkonflex is a special event tent, a smaller version of the Giant Tentipi you may have seen at a wedding or festival.

    The Tentipi Safir is the top of the range and also the most popular option. The materials are stronger and more UV resistant, there are three low level air vents making the Tentipi Safir a cool place even on very hot summer days. This is most peoples tent of choice, those that invest their money in a Safir are very happy with their tent for decades as the members of the Tentipi User Group UK will tell anyone who asks.

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