Petromax Fire Piston Plunger PLGX

The diesel engine of the bushcraft world. Compressing air with the piston lights your tinder.

Making fire the reliable and original way, no matter where the journey is heading: The Petromax Fire Plunger combines century-old technology and compact handling in one device.

Due to the strong air compression when pressing down the plunger forcefully into the plunger body, the tinder inside is brought to a glow. Move this glow and thus light your campfire or outdoor kitchen. The Fire Plunger is shorter than a hand in length and is stowed in the practical transport pouch. It fits in any kind of luggage and can also be carried along comfortably in the trouser pocket. Containers for tinder and lubricant are placed at the respective ends of plunger and plunger body and are thus optimally protected from moisture. After fitting tinder onto the plunger top it is ready to use. In addition, inside the plunger a firesteel is placed and provides a solid ignition option.

Regardless of weather conditions, electricity or any other igniter with the Petromax Fire Plunger you are best equipped for exciting bushcraft and survival adventures. Also light your campfire kitchen with the Petromax Fire Plunger and thus fully enjoy the freedom of outdoor cooking.

  • 31.99