Axe File by Gransfors Bruks #4031

Repair that nicked axe blade without risking your fingers. Harder than a standard workshop file so that it can reshape hardened and tempered axe blades.

An ideal tool for reshaping any damaged blade! A very hard file with a handle designed to protect your fingers from slips.

Iron, fine-toothed with two faces, and a small wooden handle. The handle is thicker near the file blade to give a good grip. The file is normally used with water but can be used dry.

I always take a close up photo of the blade edge on, to make sure that I reprofile the blade to the original shape. For bad dinks, you need to file the blade flat before reshaping. a sharpie is great for marking the original curve of the blade and highlighting the areas that need filing. Finish with an axe stone or bench stone, and make sure you don't leave a wire edge by checking for burrs and sharpening on alternate sides with file and stone. Strop lightly to finish for a tougher edge.

Length with handle: 14 cm (5.5")
Weight: 74 g (3 oz)
Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather

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