Ooni Wood Fired Pizza Oven Top Tips and Advice

We have been using our Ooni (formerly Uuni) 3 pizza oven at ProAdventure for three seasons now, fortnightly at home, at Tipi Camps for up to 30 people, and for more than 60 nursery children and teachers at our local school. We wanted to share the benefit of experience with you. We also have an Ooni Fyra to play with now.

  1. Watch the Ooni Pizza Oven videos and follow the instructions.
  2. Keep your wood pellets dry. They will burn clean if you tape up the bag between uses or keep them in a sealed container. We use British softwood pellets of the highest grade, pure wood with no additives, producing very little ash.
  3. Don’t overload with pellets when starting your Ooni. We use one scoop of pellets (and not a generous one) on the grid with a flamer pushed up behind them. The air will draw the flame through the pellets from the back of the oven to the front especially if you face the back of the oven into any breeze. As the pellets get going slowly add more. When it is going well you can keep the hopper full.

    Loading the Uuni 3 Pellet burner
    Loading the Uuni 3 Pellet burner
  4. Use a blow torch if you are struggling to light your Ooni 3 Pizza oven. A standard gas blow torch will get it going quickly. Use the blow torch hole on the side of the firebox.

    Lighting the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven with a gas torch
    Lighting the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven with a gas torch
  5. If it’s windy turn the pizza oven so the fire box faces into the wind. It will get going much quicker as the wind helps the fire draw.
  6. Don’t forget to stand up the flame guard that sits at the back of the pizza stone. This helps the heat flow correctly. Just place it hooked under the back of the stone and slide them both in together.

    Uuni 3 Flame Spreader Placement
    Uuni 3 Flame Spreader Placement
  7. Use the official Ooni pizza dough recipe. It works very well.
  8. Turn the pizza stone over each time you use the Uuni 3 Pizza oven and it will burn itself clean. No need for lots of scrubbing.
  9. Let the oven heat up for 15 minutes once the fire is going well.
  10. Buy a second Ooni 3 pizza peel. One person can cook their pizza whilst the next in line makes theirs.
  11. Don’t overload your pizza as the base won’t cook as well. Less is more.
  12. Use a sprinkle of¬† semolina to dust the pizza peel so your pizza doesn’t stick. Don’t use too much as it burns and tastes unpleasant.
  13. Top the pellet hopper up once for each pizza.
  14. Allow a little time between each pizza so the stone gets back up to a good temperature.
  15. Turn your pizza through 180 degrees after 30 seconds, yes time it, so you don’t burn the ends.
  16. If you want to use up left over pizza dough to make dough balls, do it whilst the Ooni 3 pizza oven is cooling, not at full temperature.
  17. If you are making pizza with groups, look out for our article on pizza making for groups and parties. We have used a single oven to cater for up to 30 and two ovens for 60.
  18. We don’t worry about using gas as our new Ooni Fyra is insulated and runs well on UK softwood or imported Ooni hardwood pellets.

  19. For best value you can buy our Ouni 3 Pizza Oven Party Pack complete with fuel, cover and an extra Uuni 3 Peel.

    Uuni 3 party bundle
    Uuni 3 party bundle
  20. Watch the videos again.
  21. Download PizzApp to your phone or tablet for recipes and proving times.

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      If you’ve any specific questions please ask.

    2. I can’t keep my Ooni 3 burning? Stays warm in the first instance, but then cools very easily – how do I keep it burning at a high temp?

      1. Hi Jenny, what fuel are you using, and do you keep it in the house, keep your tinder dry as they say.

        Is it windy where you are cooking, if there is a wind it should come from the fuel burner end of the oven.


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