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Hennessy Hammock Review – Super Shelter or Overpriced?

Hennessy Hammock are one of the most highly regarded hammock brands in the world, and they come with a price tag to match. Or so I thought?

As a climber/mountaineer, kayaker and mountain biker working as an outdoor instructor and part time retail assistant money is not in abundance. 5k on a bike? Acceptable. A few hundred quid on climbing gear here and there? Absolutely! £450 on a set of Lettmann Ergonom Pro paddles? Best £450 I’ve ever spent!! £200? For a Hammock? Your kidding right?A hennessy hammock pitched in green woodland

When Pete, co-owner of ProAdventure, took a Hennessy Hammock out of stock and told me to give it a try, I thought great, luxury for free. Little did I know that two weeks later I would be totally sold and in love with Hennessy Hammocks!!

The start of a Hennessy Hammock love affair…

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UK Tentipi Camp 2018 Carrog writeup

There are few sweeter sights for me than a sunny campsite being populated with a couple of dozen Tentipi over the course of an afternoon. By the time the darkness was upon us, most of the forty or so guests had arrived at the fifth UK Tentipi Camp, their tipis pimped and perfect, the fires aglow with coffee pots spluttering away and the odd glasses of grape and grain going down nicely.

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Using the Tentipi Zirkonflex with Groups – Tried and Tested Product Review

Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.
Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.

The Tentipi Zirkonflex (and from 2019 the Tentipi Safirflex) is a hybrid of the Larger Tentipi adventure tents and the enormous Tentipi event tents that seat up to 144. The Zirkonflex can be used closed like the Safir 15 and Zirkon 15 tents, but has 8 gussets and extra straps and attachment points to enable any number of sides from 3 to all 16 to be opened up to the elements.

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Sticks and Water – an Introduction to Canoe Slalom

I am the eldest daughter of ProAdventure patrons Lesley and Peter, and I have just succeeded in gaining promotion to the Premier Division of canoe slalom in Britain.

Canoe slalom is one of two Olympic disciplines of canoeing, the other being sprint canoe (yawn). It is essentially a time trial, and the winner is the person who gets down the course in the least time, with the least penalty seconds added.

Racing on the mighty Tryweryn
Racing on the mighty Tryweryn

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The Llangollen Adventure Lectures

Llangollen has a rich history of outdoor adventure, the valley’s natural resources have lent themselves to adventure for many years. The Llangollen Adventure Lectures bring together the local adventure community to share experiences and inspiration.

The River Dee is one of the UK’s most reliable and well known white water rivers, with a history of racing and touring in canoes and kayaks, now rafted for pleasure most days of the year and was also once the home of regular cardboard canoe races down the rapids of the Serpents Tail. In the past charity rallies have brought thousands of kayakers to the river in the course of a single weekend. Continue reading The Llangollen Adventure Lectures


Llangollen and Dee Valley Walks and Festivals

Llangollen Walking Festival

Held at the end of April / beginning of May, this festival has guided walks for all levels. Some even providing free beer.


Corwen Walking Festival

Just 12 Miles away up the River this festival has lots of picturesque and historic walks in September each year.


Bala Challenge

With options from a 3 hour guided walk to 20 miles in the hills around Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid), this is run by The Rotary Club in May.


Wrexham Walking Festival

Several of the walks in this week long festival visit the Llangollen area, this runs in June each year.


The Offas Dyke Path

Running from Chepstow in South Wales through to Prestatyn in the North this National Walking Trail takes in several local walks including Trevor Hall Woods, and the Llantisilio escarpement, with great views over the Dee Valley and Dinas Bran.


The Llangollen Round

A combination of elements of the Dee Valley Way and North Berwyn way, this is run as a Bi annual one or two day sponsored challenge for runners and walkers.


The Dee Valley Way

Following the hills north of the River Dee


Riverside Walks

More of a canal side walk, but finishing at the river, walk from the centre of town to Horseshoe Falls on the Llangollen Canal.

Castle Dinas Bran

You can not pass through Llangollen without seeing the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran atop the hill overlooking the town. A 40 minute climb will give you a taste of the areas long history as you walk to the 14th century ruin. You’ll need to take a long hard look to spot some of the carbon fibre rods holding some of the ruins together.

North Berwyn Way

The Berwyn Mountain Range is never busy, but is the home to many Raptors and is consequently a Special Area of Conservation.


There are many other local walks exploring Llangollen’s Natural, human and industrial history. The town and Valley include a World Heritage site and three Special Areas of Conservation, beautiful views of Mountains and the River Dee, woodland walks and much more.

Just pop into our shop in the middle of town, for advice, guidance and maps.