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A Guide to Rock Climbing in Llangollen and the Dee Valley

The Llangollen area is not perhaps the first place that springs to mind when you think about rock climbing in North Wales. It is often ignored by the hordes travelling West to the famous routes and crags of Snowdonia. But if you fancy getting away from the crowds and exploring a beautiful area with a host of climbing through the grades then it is worth stopping off to see what is on offer.

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Becoming A Rock Climber

Palms sweaty, legs trembling, bits of gear I had? fallen on an outward pull. I was clinging on hard at about 30ft, knuckles white, fumbling to get a piece of pro in. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t place a wire, nothing would stick, F***, dropped them, dropped the effing wires! Precariously balanced on my foot, I somehow retrieved them, too late, I was PUMPED! I’d contracted Elvis leg and for that moment I thought this is it. I’d reached the brink, so I relaxed, in my head I had already fallen. I clipped the nuts to my harness, leg still shaking erratically, and stepped up on to the other leg. After that I just kept climbing, bold side pulls and smears I easily made it to the top. It was probably the smoothest I had ever climbed but I didn’t return to climbing until my Rock Climbing Instructor training.

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