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Llangollen Adventure Lectures 2018/2019 Season

Our season started with a collaboration with our local Community Cinema, New Dot Cinema and ProAdventure sponsoring their showing of the film Mountain. The town hall was full to bursting with the big screen showing this visual delight.

Adventures at the Leading Edge

October brought Sarah McNair Landry and Erik Boomer across from the US with tales of some awe inspiring expeditions.

American professional white water paddler Erik Boomer, and Canadian polar adventurer Sarah McNair-Landry came and did a tour of the UK a few years ago detailing their recently completed a gruelling 65-day expedition across Baffin Island, covering over a 1000km by kayak, ski and foot.

White Water Kayaking on Baffin Island
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UK Tentipi Camp 2018 Carrog writeup

There are few sweeter sights for me than a sunny campsite being populated with a couple of dozen Tentipi over the course of an afternoon. By the time the darkness was upon us, most of the forty or so guests had arrived at the fifth UK Tentipi Camp, their tipis pimped and perfect, the fires aglow with coffee pots spluttering away and the odd glasses of grape and grain going down nicely.

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Tentipi Winter Camping at minus 25 Degrees Celsius in Sweden

This is a short photo blog of a snowmobile trip into the Swedish wilderness near Arvidsjar, Tentipi winter camping with Eldfell wood fired tent stoves at minus 25 degrees Celsius.

Photos are by Lesley Carol of ProAdventure.

A tentipi nordic tipi pitched on snow with a snowmobile and snowy fire pit
After 24 hours the fire pit melted itself way down into the snow!

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Sticks and Water – an Introduction to Canoe Slalom

I am the eldest daughter of ProAdventure patrons Lesley and Peter, and I have just succeeded in gaining promotion to the Premier Division of canoe slalom in Britain.

Canoe slalom is one of two Olympic disciplines of canoeing, the other being sprint canoe (yawn). It is essentially a time trial, and the winner is the person who gets down the course in the least time, with the least penalty seconds added.

Racing on the mighty Tryweryn
Racing on the mighty Tryweryn

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ProAdventure’s Second Generation Bringing in the funds for Sport Relief with a 22 mile sponsored walk on Ruabon and Llantisilio Mountain

Bethany, first born daughter of Peter, ProAdventure’s founder organised a 22 Mile sponsored walk for sport relief.

Bethany, Emily, Mae, Barra and JJ completed the walk with Daisy joining in for the last mile, have been in charge of snacks at the checkpoints for the first half of the walk.


Here is the route, a big circle from Llangollen, via Worlds End, Llandegla Forest, the Offas Dyke Path, the Ponderosa on the Horseshoe pass.


And here is the evidence from Endomondo, but add a bit more as Beth forgot to turn the app on from the beginning.


Still looking amazingly fresh they made it back to base in a good time and wend on to enjoy well deserved marshmallows around the fire.

So far they have raised over £700 through person to person sponsorship for sports relief, if you would like to support there weary legs then here is a link to their sponsorship page. https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/soaring-comets-big-walk