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ProAdventure Declare a Climate Emergency

We acknowledge the Climate and Ecological and Biodiversity Emergencies.

We acknowledge current science regarding human impact on our environment. We recognise current threats to our climate and planet and wish to do as much as we can to mitigate our own impact both personally and as a business.

Our declaration process was inspired by the B-Corp Play book on declaring an climate emergency and the work of Andy Middleton of TYF.

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Our Low Carbon Backpacking Adventure

At ProAdventure we recognise the Climate Emergency and work both in our work and home lives to make a difference. We’re not ones to fly long haul, and this has been a deliberate choice from our environmental convictions. Our last long haul flight was for our honeymoon 22 years ago, we flew once this year to Munich for the biggest outdoor tradeshow in Europe (once there our focus was on sustainability of the products we already sell and in finding out as much as we could on the impact of any new items that we considered stocking).

A heavy weather crossing to Barra on the Isle of Arran
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