Gift ideas for the outdoor cook

Great gifts for loved ones who enjoy cooking alfresco! We have carefully chosen cooking gifts for you from Petromax, Netherton Foundry and Ooni

Ooni Pizza Oven

Its not just a Pizza oven, sizzle steaks, roast veg and bake fish in the Ooni Karu or Fyra. These wood fired ovens are amazing outdoor portable ovens. Ideal for holding pizza parties, as well as the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ.

Ooni are a 1% For The Planet member and they have pledged to plant 1 Million trees!!!

Ooni Forest
The beginnings of the Ooni Forest

Petromax Dutch Ovens

One pot cooking over the fire. Petromax Dutch Ovens are perfect for camping, cooking at home or feeding a legion of scouts. Boil, bake, fry and stew in a dutch oven.

Petromax Dutch Oven

Petromax dutch ovens are made from high quality cast iron meaning food doesn’t stick (unless you’re a bad cook) and if it does stick it’s super easy to clean.

Petromax Dutch Oven

Petromax Griddle /Fire Bowl

Great for keeping fire of the ground at a campsite, or it makes a huge frying pan over the top of the fire. It’s the quintessential piece of kit for feeding big camps of hungry people. The Petromax Griddle/Fire Bowl is made in 3 sizes, and can be stacked to keep your fire off the ground.

Petromax Fire Bowl
Petromax Fire Bowl

Petromax Fire Bridge

Last on the list is the Petromax Fire Bridge. Grill, Bake, Fry and boil all over one fire. This for the Alfresco chef that want’s more than that one pot wonder.

Petromax Fire Bridge
Petromax Fire Bridge

Netherton Foundry Frying Pans

Shropshire made, and to the highest quality. Netherton Foundry’s pans are so good they even sell woks to China. We don’t stock their woks, however we do stock the perfect pans for campfire cooking. The Netherton glamping pans have detachable handles for ease of storage and portability, and removable wooden scales.

Netherton Foundry Glamping Pan
It’s not just a frying pan its an heirloom.

Petromax Burger Iron

Perfect burgers over the fire. I can’t think of a better way to cook burgers outdoors. Just prepare your meat dough and place it into the Petromax burger iron, lock it closed to seal in all that moisture and flavour.

Petromax Burger Iron
Just add cheese!

The Petromax Waffle Iron is for those who would prefer a savoury breakfast waffle or a sweet waffle lathered in maple syrup after your burger!

Petromax Waffle Maker
Just add chocolate sauce!

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