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Tentipi Camp 2019 Review & VR Tour

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May 2019 saw our annual Tentipi UK get together at Hindford in Shropshire.

A level field with a composting loo, a shower and a couple of portaloos. On Thursday, Lesley, Clive, Laura and Sophie set up our tents and transported the kit over to the site from the ProAdventure shop whilst I ran the shop on an unexpectedly busy day with simultaneous customers in store, on chat, and on the phone.

Friday saw Lesley, Clive and I back on site, opening up the Zirkonflex and getting everything ready in time for the first arrivals, with 50 adults plus children we had a lot of people to prepare for.
Soon it was Fika time with coffee, tea and cake for all our visitors and friends old and new. The field was well drained but the heavy rain and muddy track caused a few issues.

Clear skies after heavy rain, a sign of things to come.

After a wet arrival for most campers the skies cleared and we were treated to a clear night and a clear sign of what was to come.

A Frosty Morning
The clear sign of a waking camp

Fresh Baked Bread with Paddles and Pizzas

By 8am the next morning TiPis were puffing away to extinguish the morning chill but with the clear frosty night came a beautiful sunny day.

Lesley’s freshly baked sour dough bread and flame grilled bacon was just what the Dr ordered on Saturday morning (obviously not a Dr of nutrition) and just the fuel I needed for a days canoeing. Our campsite was based near the Shropshire Union Canal and offered something for everyone. We had seasoned paddlers and people who had never been in a boat before. For some a short trip to the lock was enough, for others a paddle to the pub was con the menu!

With people arriving back in dribs and drabs it was time for TiPi campers to do what TiPi campers do best, chill around the fire. For those with itchy feet or in the case trigger fingers, some target shooting was in progress.

Tony, a repeat TiPi camper and dear friend of ours brought along some hand carved catapults for everyone to try their hand at some target practice. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting catapults at tin cans! So much so Tony had to tell it was time to stop and eat pizza!

Lesley and I prepared the pizza dough and Pete fired up our new Ooni Pro Pizza Oven. An hour later and everyone both young and old got a chance to roll and top there own pizzas

UK Tentipi Camp 2018 Carrog writeup

There are few sweeter sights for me than a sunny campsite being populated with a couple of dozen Tentipi over the course of an afternoon. By the time the darkness was upon us, most of the forty or so guests had arrived at the fifth UK Tentipi Camp, their tipis pimped and perfect, the fires aglow with coffee pots spluttering away and the odd glasses of grape and grain going down nicely.

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Using the Tentipi Zirkonflex with Groups – Tried and Tested Product Review

Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.
Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.

The Tentipi Zirkonflex (and from 2019 the Tentipi Safirflex) is a hybrid of the Larger Tentipi adventure tents and the enormous Tentipi event tents that seat up to 144. The Zirkonflex can be used closed like the Safir 15 and Zirkon 15 tents, but has 8 gussets and extra straps and attachment points to enable any number of sides from 3 to all 16 to be opened up to the elements.

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Tentipi Winter Camping at minus 25 Degrees Celsius in Sweden

This is a short photo blog of a snowmobile trip into the Swedish wilderness near Arvidsjar, Tentipi winter camping with Eldfell wood fired tent stoves at minus 25 degrees Celsius.

Photos are by Lesley Carol of ProAdventure.

A tentipi nordic tipi pitched on snow with a snowmobile and snowy fire pit
After 24 hours the fire pit melted itself way down into the snow!

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Tentipi (camper) Approved Campsites

      let’s get together a list of the campsites tentipi campers like, and where we can use our in tent stoves and maybe a fire bowl. Add those you’ve camped at in the comments and we’ll put together a list by area.

      Where works for you guys?

      How about a paragraph about the site, address, website, email, phone number and a photo.


      UK Tentipi Camp May 2017 – North Wales

      The Tentipi camp has been popular in Europe for many years, where a like minded bunch of people, who have a common love of camping in their Tentipi Tents, get together to socialise, play and have a good weekend.

      ProAdventure held the UK’s first Tentipi Camp in April 2015 on the banks of the River Dee, attended by over 60 people. There were bushcraft activities, canoeing and plenty of opportunity to talk around the campfire.
      Our 2016 camp, held in the Welsh borders was just as popular with old friends and new enjoying the scenery and activities offered by our campsite hosts at Underhill Farm.

      We aim to make every camp a little bit different and we are learning as we go. Our first camp this year is at Carrog on the River Dee from 5th to 7th May. We would love to invite you along if you have your own Tentipi and if you are interested in buying Tentipi we have a few Tipis for hire but be quick as they go fast. Either way you will need to book.

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      The Tentipi Experience at ProAdventure

      ProAdventure offers you the best experience around when it comes to choosing and buying Tentipi. We know our stuff and we would like to take the time to help you make the right decision. We have camped in our tipis in the Swedish wilderness at -26C, in the French Alps at +30C and in torrential rain in Scotland. We know from experience that these are well made Tipis; versatile, quirky and very easy to put up but why not come and try for yourselves.

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      Tentipi Nordic Tipi Tent Camping Top Tips

      ProAdventure has been selling and using Tentipi Tents for over 10 years now. Along with our own camping experience we have gathered Tentipi tips from our customers, in the shop, over the phone and at our Tipi Camps.
      Here are some of the best ideas. We will add to the list as time goes on. Please add your tips in the comments section.
      Peter and Lesley

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