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The Tentipi Experience at ProAdventure

ProAdventure offers you the best experience around when it comes to choosing and buying Tentipi. We know our stuff and we would like to take the time to help you make the right decision. We have camped in our tipis in the Swedish wilderness at -26C, in the French Alps at +30C and in torrential rain in Scotland. We know from experience that these are well made Tipis; versatile, quirky and very easy to put up but why not come and try for yourselves.

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Klean Kanteen – The New Kids on the Block

Over the last couple of years Klean Kanteen have gone from only being seen in the hands of hipsters, to the outdoor enthusiasts staple. With big ideas on cleaning up the planet, one re-usable bottle at a time, Klean Kanteen are a company that boasts the best in terms of their positive impact on the world. But are you really thinking about that when you’re at the top of a mountain, or on the river bank, with freezing hands, craving that hot cup’o tea or hot chocolate? So I decided to put Klean Kanteen to the test. Continue reading Klean Kanteen – The New Kids on the Block


How To Fit Your Back Pack for Comfort

Choosing the right rucksack might seem easy but so many get it wrong and suffer the consequences. No matter what you’re up to and what type of pack you need, it HAS to fit you right.

Everyone is a different shape and size, so you need to put as much thought into getting the right pack as you do the right pair of trousers or the right pair of boots. There is a wide variety of different sized bags on the market but sadly not all packs are ‘one-size-fits-all’, although a lot of them do have enough adjustment options that one pack may fit many members of one family, or you could share the pack with your partner, once you know how to adjust the fit for each person. Some packs have different size options which are based on you back size or length which you can measure this at home but we suggest you come in to store to get measured up to get it right first time.

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IP waterproof ratings are a great guide for buying outdoor gadgets, gear or protection but what do they really mean. We’ve all be there, searching the packaging and seeing the IPX rating, when all we want to know is ‘is it waterproof?’.

Let’s break it down. The ‘IP’ stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection, which is simply whether the item you’re referring to has been tested for Ingress (Access/Entrance). The numbers after it, then refer to which degree of testing the item stood up to, and therefore how protected it really is.



How to Look After your Walking Boots and Shoes

Look after your footwear so it can look after you.

We have written a short guide on how to looking after your Walking Boots and Shoes, to save you money make them last longer. Even your ultra modern, Gore-tex lined boots and especially fabric boots and shoes need looking after so that they can look after you.

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