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Affordable Father’s Day Gifts in Llangollen

We all know what it’s like; the last minute rush, what do I buy for Father’s Day, he’s hard to buy for, he’s got everything he wants, he doesn’t know what he wants, I’m on a budget. Well here are some easy options for Father’s Day that you can get right here in Llangollen at ProAdventure from just £3.95. We’re open 9-5 every day, even on Father’s Day, and if you are really stumped then you can buy him a Father’s Day gift card. Continue reading Affordable Father’s Day Gifts in Llangollen


Maier Sports – Walking Trousers that Fit Women

The Maier Sports Outdoor Collection has been designed for those who love nature; made with perfect cuts for a perfect fit so you can enjoy the sun, wind, rain, grass, woods or mountains in comfort. Maier Sports make walking trousers that fit women of different heights and shapes, tall, short, average, curvy and slim with a full height waist.

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Using the Tentipi Zirkonflex with Groups – Tried and Tested Product Review

Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.
Perhaps not the intended use, but the Zirkonflex makes a fine car port.

The Tentipi Zirkonflex (and from 2019 the Tentipi Safirflex) is a hybrid of the Larger Tentipi adventure tents and the enormous Tentipi event tents that seat up to 144. The Zirkonflex can be used closed like the Safir 15 and Zirkon 15 tents, but has 8 gussets and extra straps and attachment points to enable any number of sides from 3 to all 16 to be opened up to the elements.

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The Rough Guide to re-Handling a Gransfors Bruk Axe

If you have some basic competence with woodworking tools and a vice or clamping workbench you can re-handle a Gransfors axe. It takes care and patience and, as always, working with tools can be dangerous. Consider the risks, not least dropping a razor sharp axe head on your foot. If you aren’t competent try asking a friend or a woodworker who is.

My woodwork is fairly rough and ready as you’ll see below, especially the last image which is a ‘how not to do it.’

Clamp the the axe securely ready for drilling. Look at how it’s fitted; this is what you are aiming for.

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Ledlenser torches & headlamps – the brightest of bright ideas.

Ledlenser produce a wide range of flashlights and headlamps unmatched anywhere in the world. At ProAdventure we stock the full Outdoor Range of Ledlenser torches that make winter camping, walking, shooting and livestock management a whole lot easier, and headlamps for winter runners to provide that extra safety element during these dark winter evenings. Continue reading Ledlenser torches & headlamps – the brightest of bright ideas.


Hang out with ProAdventure in a Hennessy Hammock today.

Hanging about in hammocks is a wonderful way to pass the time. There’s nothing better than settling down into a comfy hammock, whether you’re camping outdoors or relaxing in your own back garden.

It is said that all you need is two trees (or supporting structure) and you’re on a hammock holiday. Whoever said that is not wrong. Many people choose to camp in a hammock in preference to a conventional tent. Sheltered by a tarp and preferably some woodland, hammocks are ideal for bush craft camps, canoe trips and family camping ventures.

The beauty of the hammock is that once you hang it up, you can stretch out in it and it will mould to the weight and shape of your body as if it was built just for you. It is all the support your body will need in order to relieve pressure off your back, and help calm and relax your body so you will wake up energized and refreshed.

Our Hennessy Hammock range from Canada is an innovative solution to lightweight, comfortable camping. The hammock and tarp are both an asymmetric shape, so rather than lying with your head and feet along the line the hammock hangs, you lie slightly diagonally, but the hammock shape means you lie much flatter than in a conventional hammock.

Tarps are great on their own as well as with hammocks and the Tatonka cotton polyester tarps are great around the camp fire, their mix of man-made and natural materials mean that they suffer little damage from campfire sparks.

Hennessy Hammocks are quick and easy to setup and pack away in 2-3 minutes. You can enjoy the same comfortable bed every night over rocky, muddy, wet or sloping terrain as it never touches the ground, stays clean and dries fast.

Experience a level of comfort on the trail almost as good as your bed at home. You will wake up in the morning feeling great. Some owners of Hennessy Hammocks claim they come home from their adventure feeling better than when they left. Some hikers have tossed out their beds when they got home from a hike and set up their hammock in the house.

With a Hennessy Hammock you will never again need to find a level campsite or have to put up with roots, rocks or puddles coming through the floor of your tent. Best of all, the waiting time is nowhere near the optimist as quoted above…the hammock set up time is measured in minutes.

If you find tent camping uncomfortable and a cot bed isn’t for you, then try a hammock. Devotees even camp in winter with warm sleeping bags and cosy underblankets. We have used ours all over Britain, especially on canoe trips and bushcraft camps. Hammocks are ideal in the jungle, our Hennessy hammocks have built in mosquito nets and the Jungle series have nylon mosquito proof double bottoms. The built in tarp keeps off the rain and the Hennessy snakeskins make packing even quicker. We love both the innovative Velcro bottom opening and side zip models. A full set up can come in well under a kilo (or just under if you are over 6 feet tall).