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ProAdventure Declare a Climate Emergency

We acknowledge the Climate and Ecological and Biodiversity Emergencies.

We acknowledge current science regarding human impact on our environment. We recognise current threats to our climate and planet and wish to do as much as we can to mitigate our own impact both personally and as a business.

Our declaration process was inspired by the B-Corp Play book on declaring an climate emergency and the work of Andy Middleton of TYF.

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Our Low Carbon Backpacking Adventure

At ProAdventure we recognise the Climate Emergency and work both in our work and home lives to make a difference. We’re not ones to fly long haul, and this has been a deliberate choice from our environmental convictions. Our last long haul flight was for our honeymoon 22 years ago, we flew once this year to Munich for the biggest outdoor tradeshow in Europe (once there our focus was on sustainability of the products we already sell and in finding out as much as we could on the impact of any new items that we considered stocking).

A heavy weather crossing to Barra on the Isle of Arran
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Tentipi Camp 2019 Review & VR Tour

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May 2019 saw our annual Tentipi UK get together at Hindford in Shropshire.

A level field with a composting loo, a shower and a couple of portaloos. On Thursday, Lesley, Clive, Laura and Sophie set up our tents and transported the kit over to the site from the ProAdventure shop whilst I ran the shop on an unexpectedly busy day with simultaneous customers in store, on chat, and on the phone.

Friday saw Lesley, Clive and I back on site, opening up the Zirkonflex and getting everything ready in time for the first arrivals, with 50 adults plus children we had a lot of people to prepare for.
Soon it was Fika time with coffee, tea and cake for all our visitors and friends old and new. The field was well drained but the heavy rain and muddy track caused a few issues.

Clear skies after heavy rain, a sign of things to come.

After a wet arrival for most campers the skies cleared and we were treated to a clear night and a clear sign of what was to come.

A Frosty Morning
The clear sign of a waking camp

Fresh Baked Bread with Paddles and Pizzas

By 8am the next morning TiPis were puffing away to extinguish the morning chill but with the clear frosty night came a beautiful sunny day.

Lesley’s freshly baked sour dough bread and flame grilled bacon was just what the Dr ordered on Saturday morning (obviously not a Dr of nutrition) and just the fuel I needed for a days canoeing. Our campsite was based near the Shropshire Union Canal and offered something for everyone. We had seasoned paddlers and people who had never been in a boat before. For some a short trip to the lock was enough, for others a paddle to the pub was con the menu!

With people arriving back in dribs and drabs it was time for TiPi campers to do what TiPi campers do best, chill around the fire. For those with itchy feet or in the case trigger fingers, some target shooting was in progress.

Tony, a repeat TiPi camper and dear friend of ours brought along some hand carved catapults for everyone to try their hand at some target practice. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting catapults at tin cans! So much so Tony had to tell it was time to stop and eat pizza!

Lesley and I prepared the pizza dough and Pete fired up our new Ooni Pro Pizza Oven. An hour later and everyone both young and old got a chance to roll and top there own pizzas

Events in Llangollen in 2019

Llangollen is a town of 3000 or so residents in North East Wales, just an hour or so from Liverpool, Manchester and the outskirts of Birmingham. If you have ever driven into North Wales on the A5 you will recognise the view as the mountains rear up and close in around you and Castle Dinas Bran rises up on it’s own hill top to your right. The valley has been carved by the River Dee, a magnet for white water kayakers, canoeists and rafters from all over the world.

We have picked a few of our favourite events coming up in 2019, if we have missed yours please add it in the comments below. If you get them to us soon then we can add them in to this article. If our dates are wrong or missing please add them in the comments.

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Pyranha 12R Kayak Review – First Impressions

Thanks to Andy Lees of Go Kayaking Northwest there is a full selection of current Pyranha Demo Kayaks at River Active in Llangollen. As I paddle the site two or three times a week my interest was peaked when asked which boats I would be trying. In return for the loan of the boat I was asked to write a Pyranha 12R Review.

The 12R wasn’t on my list until I turned up on a bright and cold Sunday in February in the mood to paddle a loop, down the River Dee to town, then up the canal and drop back into the river for the return to Mile End mill. I paddle a Jackson Mixmaster mostly, so not ideal for the paddle up the canal, and there above the door was a brand new, unscratched Pyranha 12r just waiting for me to demo.

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Our Gear Story in 2018 – A year in the outdoors

Far too often, outdoor equipment is commoditised and starts it’s post-shelf life as ‘a good deal’. We’re all guilty of buying something on a whim because it looks cool and isn’t too pricey.

But to us at ProAdventure, providing great gear, great customer service and great advice is all a part of what we do (with the handy side effect that we make just enough money to get outdoors and enjoy ourselves too!).

When you buy something from ProAdventure, you are supporting a group of highly committed outdoors people, enthusiasts and professional and voluntary guides and coaches. We couldn’t do what we do without your purchases supporting our everyday financial needs, so thank you for loving to get outside and contributing to our fun too!

Here’s what you have helped make happen in 2018:

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