Paramo Helki Waterproof Jacket Review


I have owned a Paramo Helki jacket for a few years now and find I wear it most days.

Before I got the Helki I had a lightweight Paramo jacket and found that while it was great, the lightweight fabric was not really durable enough for me. I tend to subject my kit to quite a bit of abuse and after a fair amount of winter climbing the lightweight fabric was showing some wear. So, I got a Helki (my son inherited my old jacket), seeing in it a good compromise of features, durability and price.

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Events in Llangollen in 2019


Llangollen is a town of 3000 or so residents in North East Wales, just an hour or so from Liverpool, Manchester and the outskirts of Birmingham. If you have ever driven into North Wales on the A5 you will recognise the view as the mountains rear up and close in around you and Castle Dinas Bran rises up on it’s own hill top to your right. The valley has been carved by the River Dee, a magnet for white water kayakers, canoeists and rafters from all over the world.

We have picked a few of our favourite events coming up in 2019, if we have missed yours please add it in the comments below. If you get them to us soon then we can add them in to this article. If our dates are wrong or missing please add them in the comments.

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Get a Fix and Get Woolpower – Expert Review


At ProAdventure we aim to provide you, the Adventurer, with some of the best kit available. Some of these products are unsung heroes and we need help and honest assessments to spread the word. We have picked people with vast experience of leading and instructing in the Outdoor Industry to check out and review selected products for us.

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Staff Bio – Clive Gibney


As a kid I loved being outside.

As a kid I loved being outside. “I’m going out do my work” I would say to my parents. Then proceeded to dig in the sand pit for hours, or build another den. I had limited access to technology then, however as I moved into my teens that changed and my life was consumed by Gears of War and Call of Duty. 

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