Petzl C51 Corax Size 2

Comfortable, versatile adjustable harness
Comfort and freedom:
flexible, wide padded waist-belt optimizes the relationship between comfort and freedom of movement,
leg loop buckles are positioned on padding to avoid pressure points.
Versatile: the light weight, high comfort, and adjustable leg loops make it efficient on all types of terrain.
Precise adjustment:
DoubleBack buckles on the waist-belt and mini DoubleBack buckles on the leg loops,
two waist-belt buckles center the tie-in point and insure that gear loops are symmetrically positioned.
Easy access to equipment: the 4 rigid gear loops are inclined to help position equipment toward the front of the harness.

Size 2 30"-41" Waist 22" -26.7" Thigh

Technical specifications
Weight: 510 g
Sizes: 1, 2

  • 58.00