Tentipi Drying Rail Set for size 15 Tentipi Tents

If you have a hot tent with a stove you'll love to be able to get your clothes warm and dry with a tentipi drying rail set.

Light, attractive and stable, circular drying rail of hardened aluminium. No dangerous rods sticking out.

This complete set includes bands for hanging up and a drying rail of the correct size. 4.3 meters for drying clothes on. You can easily use another rail too. Is best suited for the Safir and Zirkon Tentipi.

This does not have the capacity for a second rail. The rail is the same size as a 9 rail, the bands are longer and only have capacity for the one rail.

Drying rail set 15 (approx 550 g)


Elastic Corded Drying Rail
8 Hanging tapes with one set of loops for holding the rail
Storage bag in Tentipi Cotton Polyester Fabric

  • 117.00