Tentipi Comfort Floor 5 Groundsheet

The Comfort floor is perfect with the Zirkon and Onyx, and the covered zip lets you choose your layout:

  ● V-opening: No more dirty boots on the tent floor.
  ● O-opening: Brush bread crumbs onto the ground rather   ● than the floor, or set up your stove or open fire in the middle.
  ● Kite-shape opening: Put a stove in the middle and keep your floor clean from dirty boots.
  ● Weight 1.1kg

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We recommend any Tentipi user buys a floor or inner for their tent. Even though it's an essential, it's designed to the same standard as everything Tentipi make.

  ● Floolix Comfort fabric is durable and waterproof: a great match for Olivin and Onyx tents.
  ● Versatile: choose from three different opening shapes: O-shape, V-shape and kite-shape.
  ● Easy to install as you don't need to detach it to pack the tent.
  ● Stretching device makes it easy to get a flat floor and seal out bugs.
  ● Zip covers protect the zips from dirt.

Manufacturers Product Number 100149