At ProAdventure we can give you lots of reasons to buy a Tentipi Nordic Tent, but there’s nothing
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  • Opinions and Feedback on Tentipi Adventure Tents from the Tentipi User Group UK

    “Clare to Tentipi User Group UK (on facebook)

    "What were your reasons for buying a tentipi over another brand tent? I love them, they do look great, I’m just trying to convince myself to take the plunge!"

    This is what the user group said

    Lee Because they are the best, nuff said

    Neil Doesn't get much better than this. Living space, warm fire, comfy bed...I could go on and
    on. We have been camping for years and it completely changes the experience.

    Nicola I had a bell tent. Love sleeping under canvas but it was really heavy for me on my own.
    When wet, even heavier. And takes ages to dry. I had mine up for several months, it blew down a fair few times and went mouldy.
    So I was looking for something with the breathability of canvas but was lighter weight, and would dry more quickly. I did a lot of research and this is the make I was drawn to. I wanted to have a stove, I wanted it to be all weather.
    I have the Safir 9. It weighs considerably less than the 5m bell tent. It has a similar footprint but it does feel quite a bit smaller and darker however I think I'll get used to that quite quickly. The attention to detail is impressive. The way the water beads and rolls down the sides. The thought given to the shape. The way you pitch it is inspired. Just 8 pegs unless you want to secure it with the additional guys. Apparently they hold up really well in a storm.
    So, haven't had it long but I have high hopes for it and don't regret the money spent!

    1) easy to put up
    2) even easier to take down
    3) stability in all weathers
    4) ability to have wood burner
    5) ventilation in hot weather far superior
    6) quality of fabrics nothing to compare on the market
    7) easy to string up and dry at home - we have a pulley we haul it up on
    8)pack size and weight for the space ratio
    9) extended our camping season to year round
    10) longevity , ours is now 13 years old and apart from having it cleaned a reproofed every few
    years will still be going strong in another 13 - so I reckon that’s value for money

    Paul We've had a Varrie (Saffir) 7 for 11 years. Also own the Olivin. The quality and durability are outstanding. They're easy to put up by yourself and are designed to withstand winter weather and strong winds. Ours survived 60mph gusts one Easter whilst all others were damaged (even a Khyam). Buying a Tentipi is an investment and a way of life.

    Matt It works well in a wide range of environments and situations. Built to last and excellent support from suppliers. Plus I've tried lots and lots of tents over my 39 and a fair bit years and this is the best bang for your (insert currency here) without question.

    Mark Imagine a Rolls Royce in tent form. That's pretty much what your buying.

    Thomas The Helsport Varanger Lavvu is also a great tent but I prefer a Tentipi (Varrie)
    Ronnie Really easy to put up and strike. Fond memories of arriving at a camp site and being
    comfy with a cup of tea while the family next door were still having a domestic trying to get their
    bell tent up.......also you can have a lie in, as it doesn't get hot and start to broil you as soon as
    the sun comes up. Bomb proof, bad weather proof, good group space, internal fire if it's raining
    outside. Most importantly, it's the coolest tent on the camp site and produces a LOT of tent envy.

    Paul Have been through a fair range of canvas over the years & still own a 2, 3 & 4 berth plus a hammock as well as the Tipi.
    I have a 9, use it with the family & on my own, (a lot easier to put up than a tunnel tent egardless of size).
    The Tipi is comparable to a hand made pair of shoes - they’ll both last a lifetime & both will give
    you a warm feeling of satisfaction when used.
    Julie We have a Safir 9, stove etc. There is no reasonable argument for paying in excess of £3K and we hummed and hahhed for 3 years- best thing we’ve ever bought......
    Johnny I wanted something compact and lightweight and for its pitched size there's not much
    better. ventilation is great and costumer service is good, at least from their vendors.

    Kevin I didn’t buy it over any other tent brand I just had a slight obsession with canvas and polycotton tents now owning 5 of them of different sizes for different occasions

    Harry - Easy to put up (I can put up a 15 on my own in c 10mins
    - well made and built to last
    - vents well in warm weather
    - warms well in cold weather (stove)
    - lovely atmosphere inside with the cotton canvas
    - not same as everyone else’s and looks great

    Damien It’s a good question for me it’s the following
    1 using canvas tents in my youth I prefer the material over the plastic used in most other brands.
    2 I love the option of hot tenting even though I’m yet to buy a stove
    3 the ability to stand up around 1 central pole is great.
    4 although not light they are significantly lighter and more compact broken down than equivalent
    other family tents.
    5 they just look so cool.

    Janine There is a joyful sense of adventure and being part of the environment in a Tentipi, that
    you just won't get in another tent. We love it. We fell in love with the Tentipi when we saw one on display in a shop in the lake district. We love the design, the communal experience you get, being able to sit and stand in it and stay inside if it rains - loads of room. We thought for ages about
    it, and looked at the options second hand, various suppliers of new etc. We decided to buy one and from Pro-Adventure as they are so fantastic- helpful and very, very patient!

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