UCO Clarus Torch/Lantern

The small, powerful UCO Clarus Torch and Lantern is one of the most lightweight, versatile lights you’ll ever own. Built for adventure, it’s reliable, convenient, and produces up to 118 lumens of light wherever you need it.

The hybrid design of the UCO Clarus telescopes into a frosted lantern for diffused light, or collapses into a powerful, compact torch for more focused lighting. The versatile UCO Clarus can also be operated as an emergency strobe. Used it as a lantern you can adjust the brightness to high, mid or dim (useful if battery power needs to be conserved) or push the head down to collapse it into a torch.

The UCO Clarus is housed in a durable, water-resistant body.
Battery life of up to 130 hours.
Frosted globe slides up for lantern mode and down for 42m beam torch mode.
Super bright LED provides a diffused white light, in lantern mode, up to 118 lumens.
Durable, plastic base with on/off button switches light levels from bright to mid to dim or strobe.
Top features a hook for hanging.

Open: 16.5cm high x 5.1cm diameter
Closed: 11.4cm high x 5.1cm diameter
Weight (w/o batteries): 72 g

  • 10.00 SRP 17


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