UCO Candlelier Red

Let there be more candle light! Get more from the UCO Lantern range with the Candlelier edition, which provides 3 candle tubes producing 60 lumens if all candles are lit. Not only is light production higher, but you can use the heat shield as a warming plate, or to boil water and other foods. The Candlelier is simple to set up and lightweight enough to transport with ease.


"Heats small amounts of water or food on heat shield.
Lightweight, durable aluminum construction.
Burns long-lasting UCO 9-hour candle; burn 1, 2 or all 3 candles depending on your lighting needs.
Glass chimney and 3 spring-loaded candle tubes with viewing slots.
Carrying handle and twist-lock base.
Provides ample light, warms surroundings, and helps remove condensation."

Dimensions: 8" high x 4" diameter (20 cm x 10 cm)
Weight (w/ 3 candle): 18.0 oz. (510 g)
Candles: UCO 9-hour or citronella candles, or 12-hour beeswax candles

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