Tentipi Safir 7 Light Tent

Our most popular range, the Safir is a premium tent with Tentipi's most advanced features to keep you comfortable in even the most extreme conditions.

The Safir 7 is the perfect size for a compact family tent. It sleeps two adults on a double sleeping mat and a child in comfort. There's also room to prepare food, spend time together and still have space to sleep.

This light version cuts down a lot of weight over the CP version. Because the Traillix fabric doesn't breathe, we recommend using it with an inner tent.

  ● Tentipi's premium range: Safir tents use premium materials and have more ventilation options
  ● Ready for any weather: it weathers storms, vents in summer and stays warm in winter - especially with the optional stove
  ● Fast to pitch: You'll pitch it in ten minutes the first time - and with practice you can do it in three
  ● Light means a lightweight ripstop polyamide fabric. We recommend an inner tent to reduce condensation.
  ● Standing room inside
  ● Sleeps 2-5 in comfort
  ● 2.7m height, 4.5m diameter, 6.3kg
  ● Packed size 62x20cm

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Tentipi's premium tents are our best sellers.

Safir is the most versatile range Tentipi make. Swedish professionals use them in ice fields, storm-force gales, on glaciers and in blazing heat. But they're equally at home car camping, canoe touring or at a family site. If you want to be at home wherever you camp, choose the Safir.

Safir is Tentipi's only range with:

  ● Three rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at the bottom help keep cool and feed oxygen to the stove.
  ● Tentipi's best fabric lightweight fabric is Traillix Pro, a very light, waterproof fabric made from nylon 66. We recommend pairing it with a Pro inner tent to reduce condensation.

It also has:

  ● Ventilator cap: the patented In-Tent Vent™ system has two vents with six opening points and an integrated chimney opening. You can use it from inside the tent to manage your airflow and temperature. It has both mosquito net in the upper part, and a tight seal thanks to fibreglass rods.
  ● Ground tensioners: these straps help you get the perfect pitch anywhere. Strong straps attach with metal buckles and can even be used on snow.
  ● Mosquito net ceiling: great ventilation and protection from insects, even without an inner tent.
  ● Storm resistance: Tentipi's top rating for foul weather with reflective storm cords.
  ● Double-zip door with integrated mosquito net.

To find out more about the Safir - including what makes it different from Tentipi's other tents and what size to buy - read our buyers guide.

Manufacturers Product Number 10750