Tentipi® inner tents are available in three grades – Base, Comfort and Pro. Any grade of inner tent can be used with any of our tent models size 5, 7 and 9.

Tentipi inner tents can be used for extra warmth, privacy, insect concerns and more.

They attach easily with toggles to the tent.

The Tentipi base inner has no vents or floor zips.

The Tentipi Comfort Inner has one low level vent which will match the vent on a Tentipi Zirkon Nordic Tipi or the central vent on a Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi

The Tentipi Pro Inner is made of the highest quality materials and has three vents to perfectly match the vents on the Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi Range.

  • Installing the Tentipi inner tent Video

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