Tentipi Floors

Tentipi® floors are available in two grades Comfort and Pro. Either grade of floor can be used with any of our tent models (except only Comfort grade is available in size 15).

The Superior quality of materials of the Tentipi Pro floor matches the expedition Quality materials of the Tentipi Safir Nordic Tipi, and allows for more flexibility in the floor openings than the Tentipi Comfort Floors.

The quality and weight of the Tentipi Comfort floors are of good quality and the materials are tested both conventionally and with Tentipi's own tests, designed to test for real life reliability, not just to produce laboratory test figures.

New from 2018 are the Tentipi fleece half floors and Tentipi comfort half floors, the half floors allow even more flexibility in your Tentipi Tent and the dense fleece floor is both waterproof and toasty warm under foot. You can combine fleece and conventional half floors for warmth and practicality and still open up the floor for your stove or open fire.

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