Tentipi Porch CP 7

The Porch CP7 is a great way to extend your Tentipi. As well as adding storage room for shoes, supplies and fuel, it also keeps the rain away from your doorway when it's raining.

This size works with all 7-sized tipis from 2012 onward. For older tipis, we can supply an accessory connector.

  ● Adds sheltered storage to your tent.
  ● Opens up to 180 degree view while keeping your doorway sheltered.
  ● Keeps rain away from your doorway and keeps your tent dry.
  ● Floating attachment doesn't compromise your tipi's weather resistance.
  ● Cotpolmex Comfort fabric: durable breathable cotton/polyester mix.
  ● 175cm wide, 180cm high, 140cm long, 6.4kg.

  • 675.00