Tentipi Onyx 15 Light Tent

A more affordable way into Tentipi camping, the Onyx is perfect for family camping and moderately demanding trips. Families love it as a summer holiday tent, and they're also popular for back-garden camping. It's a great way to discover a better way of camping.

The Onyx 15 is sized to be Tentipi's luxury family tent. It's great for extended stays where you want enough space for all the luxuries - or if you want to bring all your friends. It's also popular with outdoor centres and groups.

This light version cuts down a lot of weight over the CP version. Because the Traillix fabric doesn't breathe, we recommend using it with an inner tent.

  ● A more affordable way into tipi camping with breathable cotton/polyester fabric and ventilation options.
  ● Ideal for moderate trips where you're not expecting extreme conditions.
  ● Fast to pitch: You'll pitch it in ten minutes the first time - and with practice you can do it in three
  ● Standing room inside
  ● Sleeps 4-8 in comfort
  ● 3.6m height, 6m diameter, 10.1kg
  ● Packed size 84x25cm

  • 1,695.00


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The Tentipi Onyx range is perfect for family camping and moderately demanding outings.

If you're looking for a summer-holiday family tent, the Onyx will be your home-from-home on the campsite. Portable, spacious, and easy to pitch, it's a more affordable way into Tentipi camping.

Onyx has:

  ● Tentipi's Traillix Base: a lightweight nylon 6 fabric with a durable single-sided PU coating. We recommend pairing it with a Base inner tent to reduce condensation.

It also has:

  ● Ventilator cap: openable from inside the tent, the top vent has two opening points to manage your airflow and temperature.
  ● Foul weather protection: supplied with storm cords.
  ● Double-zip door with integrated mosquito net.

To find out more about the Onyx - including what makes it different from Tentipi's other tents and what size to buy - read our buyers guide.

Manufacturers Product Number 12315