In comparison to the Cotton Polyester models, Tentipi light weight tents are made from more conventional materials. They are still built for use with a stove (though not recommended with a Base Inner).

The light range are more suited to mountain use and areas of very high rainfall. The materials do not breathe, so (with the exception of the Onyx 15) we recommend an inner with your light weight tentipi.

Spacious, with standing room, fantastic quality and innovative ventilation systems make the Safir Light and Zirkon light stand out. The best sellers are the Olivin 2 Combi, the Zirkon Light 5-9 and Onyx Light 5-9 (along with the appropriate inners).
We currently have a demo Onyx Light 5 and inner if, you want to have a look pop into the shop. We stock the Olivin 2, the rest are currently to order, which takes about 4 working days from order to landing here at our shop in North Wales.

  • Tentipi Nordic Tipi Sizing

    Tentipi Nordic Tipi Sizing

    "What size should I buy?"

    So here's what people go for size wise.
    Tentipi Size 5 - Usually for individuals, it's a comfortable one person and a dog base camp size, with plenty of space, and still room for a Tentipi Eldfell stove to dry your kit and extend your camping season.
    Tentipi Size 7 - Popular for canoe trippers and couples, plenty of roon for a bit of glamping. This will fit on wild camping spots significantly smaller than a size 9.
    Tentipi Size 9 - the all time favourite, the most popular being the Tentipi Safir 9. Room for a family of 4 or five to camp for the week, when the kids get bigger they will probably want their own tent, so you'll have lots of room to breathe. Big enough for a weeks family camping.
    Tentipi Size 15 - Lots of room, 16 pegs rather than 8 but will still go up with one person in 10 minutes. Popular with Youth Services, schools, families and even couples, we have customers with up to 10 Size 15 Tentipi, when the tipi's go up in Wrexham local authority the kids come running! You'll see a photo in the tentipi brochure of 72 primary school children sat in Zirkon 15. The Tentipi 15's are even more stable in wind than the smaller tents due to the panel shapes and seams that stiffen the tent even more.
    Tentipi Olivin - a spacious 2 person back packing tent with superb design, a hexagonal footprint and great ventilation.

    Please peruse the range then please call us on 01978 860605 with any questions, for a demo, or to order.

    Pete & Lesley Carol

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