Tentipi Half Floor Comfort 7 Groundsheet

We recommend any Tentipi user buys a floor or inner for their tent. Even though it's an essential, it's designed to the same standard as everything Tentipi make.

The half-comfort floor is great with a half inner tent, Or you can use two together for a full floor, or use it with a half-fleece floor for unrivalled barefoot comfort.

  ● Floolix Comfort fabric is durable and waterproof.
  ● Ideal with a half inner tent or half fleece floor
  ● Easy to install as you don't need to detach it to pack the tent.
  ● Stretching device makes it easy to get a flat floor and seal out bugs.
  ● Zip covers protect the zips from dirt.
  ● Weight 0.8kg

  • 170.00