Tentipi Canopy/Tarp 7/9 Comfort CP (3 Poles)

Canopies are shaped coverings that fit over the door of your tent to make it even more versatile. As well as keeping rain out of your tent when you open the door, they also give you a covered area - offering both shade and shelter.

This version is a generous canopy that offers shelter at the front of your tent. As well as keeping the weather off your door, it also offers shelter and shade for a picnic table in front. It's light, easy to carry and versatile: you can also use it separately as a freestanding shelter or windbreak.

This version is for 5- and 7-sized tipis from 2012 onward. For older tipis, we can supply an accessory connector.

  ● 3.2m wide, 4.3m long, 8m2 area
  ● Packed size: 41cm x 21cm plus 65cm poles
  ● Weight 5.4kg, tarp only 2.9kg
  ● Tarp only 2.9kg
  ● Weight freestanding 6kg (needs more poles)
  ● Space for two as a bivouac, four spaces at table

  • 430.00