• The Science Behind Superfeet Insoles

    The Science Behind Superfeet Insoles
    Superfeet are designed to support the foot and the arch, and the heel cup works with the foot to hold your natural heel pad together for some natural shock absorbtion.

    We carry superfeet designed to be a direct replacement for the insoles that came with your shoes or boots, and we also have options of both thicker and thinner insoles that may improve the fit of your footwear.

    If you are not sure, don't worry we offer a 60 day comfort guarantee on Superfeet, if they are not comfortable then you can have your money back. Take your time to get used to them for a couple of hours a day.
    The advertised minimum life is 500 miles or 12 months, today I am wearing a pair getting on for 10 years old with little sign of wear.