Stormsure Inflatable Tent Tube Repair Kit

Just what you may need to repair wear and tear, puncture holes or splits. Using Stormsure's effective adhesive glue or patches, you can achieve greatness! Give it a go before you scrap the awning.

A deluxe repair kit for repairing tents, especially those with inflatable pillars, struts and airbeams.

The Tent Repair kits enable you to make simple and quick repair to common problems and damage on tent fabric.

Repair leaks in the bladders in the AirBeams and inflatable pillars permanently.

Leaks, small rips and dripping seams or stiching can be fixed in minutes.


Stormsure Adhesive
Tough Tape Strip
Alcohol Wipe
8 x 25mm patches
2 x 75mm patches
1 x 150mm clear patch
glue spreader

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