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With only three basic tools - an axe, a straight - edge knife and a crook knife - it is possible to transform a small tree branch into a simple, honest utensil. In spoon carving EJ Osbourne conveys the unique magic of working wood straight from the tree into beautiful and useful objects for daily life.

While the techniques used in spoon carving are relatively simple and can be used to create a range of handmade implements, from a cooking spoon to a coffee scoop, the effects of this craft are profound. The act of whittling, peeling and planning wood is absorbing and meditative; minutes turn into hours while the spoon carver becomes lost in the making process and surrenders to the joy of slow making, thinking and living.

For EJ,the life - affirming experience of carving a spoon is 'medicinal'. Through his teaching and sharing in the form of Hatchet + Bear spoon carving workshops, he has helped countless folk reconnect with the natural world in a meaningful way.

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