Sleeping Bags and Pillows

A good sleeping bag and sleeping mat make life much more comfortable outdoors. A good nights sleep is invaluable so choose the best you can afford for the level of use you anticipate and your budget, if you are on a budget or not sure how much you will use your kit, a quality budget buy will last and you can choose to upgrade when it comes to the end of it's useful life or you need a higher specification sleeping bag.

Synthetic bags, however good, don't last as long as a down bag, but they are much better if damp, as a rule of thumb they may lose 1 degree of warmth a year.. A good down bag may last 20 year when well looked after. Some modern down sleeping bags have hydrophobic down and are much warmer when wet/damp than traditional down. The outer material on some bags is water resistant.

Even the thinnest of silk sleeping bag liners will make you much warmer and keep the bag cleaner. We also carry replacement bags and waterproof bags to keep your bag dry when the weather is really bad.

To care for your bag keep it clean (follow the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning when needed), use a liner if you can and keep it dry.

A sleeping bag is only as good as the mat you lie on, as the bag is compressed beneath you and you will lose a lot of heat downwards. Conventional air beds are cold, so a mat or other insulation is needed below you. The warmest backpacking mats are the Exped down mats.