Out on the Land - Bushcraft Skills from the Northern Forest - Ray Mears & Lars Falt

Out on the Land is an absorbing exploration of, and tribute to, the circumpolar Boreal forest of the North: its landscape, its people, their cultures and skills, the wilderness that embodies it, and its immense beauty. The book is vast in scope and covers every aspect of being in the wilderness in both winter and summer (clothing, kit, skills, cooking, survival), revealing the age-old traditions and techniques, and how to carry them out yourself. It also includes case studies of early explorers, as well as modern-day adventurers who found themselves stranded in the forest and forced to work out a way to survive.

So much more than a bushcraft manual, this book goes deeper, to the traditions and cultures that gave us these skills, as well as focusing on the detail itself. Ray and Lars's practical advice is wound around a deep love for the forest, respect and admiration for the people who live there and sheer enjoyment of the stunning scenery.


Authors: Ray Mears and Lars Fält
Format: Hardback
Pages: 304
Dimensions: 270 x 220 mm
Full-colour photographs throughout
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781472924995


"... substantial in size and content and clearly designed to both inform and inspire. ... If you can hold back from buying this book for yourself straight away, then it's definitely one for the Christmas list." - Bushcraft Magazine.
"a superb 335-page book, with great photos, and absolutely packed with facts and practical bushcraft advice." - Countryside Magazine
"Bushcraft tales and tips in a beautifully photographed book" - BBC Countryfile
"Easy to read, comprehensive in its information and packed full of brilliant photography." - Adventure Travel magazine
"A great read." - Camping & Caravanning
"A must-read for those venturing into the Far North" - Northwest Yachting

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