Petromax Transporter Bag for FT12 Dutch Oven, TG3 Grill and Atago

The Petromax Transport Bag is a great way to carry a Petromax Atago, Petromax Dutch Oven or a Dutch oven of similar size wherever you go. The bag is available in different sizes. That way, this transport bag, embroided with the Petromax dragon logo, is the ideal choice for carrying Dutch ovens of very different sizes or your Petromax Atago. The bag is woven fabrics made out of reinforced nylon ripstop that makes the bag resistant to tearing and ripping. Consequently, the bag provides greatly increased durability.

Inside the bag’s cover one zipped pocket area and two slide-in pockets offer space for various accessories. They are perfectly suited for the Petromax Zunder and the hf1 or hf2.

The Transport Bags are available in five different versions:

Art.: Diameter Height fits with
ft-ta-xs 185mm 160mm ft1
ft-ta-s 280 mm 170 mm ft3
ft-ta-sm 295mm 190mm ft4.5
ft-ta-m 400 mm 240 mm ft6 and ft9
ft-ta-xl 450 mm 230 mm ft12 and Atago

  • 36.99