Petromax Loden Clothing

Hardwearing Loden Clothing from petromax, a tough but biodegradeable alternative to fleece. Made from tough wool, Loden is know to last for decades, or even across generations. Perfect for woodland adventure and working in the outdoors in all weathers.

Campfire and Adventure

For centuries milled-wool clothing always reliably protects humans throughout the year during outdoor exertions. Wind, rain and cold are opposed by the traditional and extremely versatile fabric Loden. Petromax Loden fabric is Made in Germany and consists of 100 % milled sheep’s wool – completely natural and without additives. In several complex work stages the wool is first spun, then woven and finally milled. In the process the Loden is so strongly tamped in water that under the pressure high compression takes place. Thus, Petromax Loden offers you versatile benefits: Due to its strong weave the milled wool is inherently spark-resistant, resistant against wind and water. It simultaneously keeps warm and is breathable and it supports your natural climate regulation. Therefore, you will not sweat easily even during intensive expeditions, hiking trips or cooking endeavours.

As natural outdoor fabric which meets high requirements, historically Loden is the first choice for hunting clothes, riding clothes or traditional clothing. In addition, with the models from the Petromax Loden range you profit from the guiding principle of the German dragon brand that applies to all Petromax products: The link between tradition and innovation and highest quality. This way, functional cuts and details guarantee that your future companion made of Loden meets your requirement for modern active wear.

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