Outdoor Element - Firebiner Survival Karabiner

A survival tool that is there in an real emergency situation. The firebiner is also a keyring can be attached to you keys meaning you always have it. Partner it up with the Packrat Vial or Wombat whistle for a true micro survival package.

- Strike sparks onto your tinder with the firewheel
- Can also be used to ignite a stove in camping situations
- Titanium coated stainless steel body means its corrosion resistant
- Can be used to secure your keys in a rucksack or jacket
- Rated to hold 45kg of gear if you need to hang it from a tree etc
- Ferro rods can be replaced easily making it an item that should last many years
- Wombat Whistle and Packrat Vial allow you to carry tinder and spare ferro rods

  • 14.95