I have been using Ortlieb dry bags and map cases for around 30 years now, they last, a very long time and I wouldn't use any other map case than the D13, or for larger maps and charts the XL OD19. My canoe kit includes two X-plorer kit bags and I have been using the Packsacks for kayaking for a similar amount of time.

As one of the first outdoor equipment companies Ortlieb remain committed to a holistic, ecological world view. It is especially important to Ortlieb to take a considerate and respectful approach to nature. This is why Ortlieb are continuously implementing ways to minimise their carbon footprint, optimizing Ortlieb's eco-balance and at the same time producing highly functional long-lived products with superior customer benefits. Ortlieb's "Made in Germany" production, Ortlieb's continuously improving efficiency is beneficial in reaching this target. Ortlieb's production processes are also geared to conservation of resouces taking into consideration the product entire life time including recycling.In addition, Ortlieb are investing in renewable energy: 100 percent of Ortlieb's electricity consumption is generated from renewable energies, one third from Ortlieb's own photovoltaic plant on the company roof. The CO2 emissions resulting from Ortlieb's gas consumption are 100 % compensated. Ortlieb are committed to long-term trustful business co-operations with their suppliers in Germany, Europe or throughout the world.They insist on suppliers compying with their code of conduct.
ORTLIEB products have the reputation of being "indestructible". The fact of a long life is extremely important for the evaluation of sustainability of products. Our promise is 100% waterproof: we give a five year warranty on material and manufacturing; that means our warranty is far longer than any legal regulations. The extremely long life of ORTLIEB products (often longer than 20 years) allows us and our customers effectively to save resources.


ORTLIEB products can be easily repaired. This fact is a fundamental indicator for sustainability. Our products are designed such that individual components can be replaced. For products which are discontinued Ortlieb provide spare parts for at least ten years. Damaged parts can be exchanged, holes mended, buckles and straps renewed. Our in-house customer service repairs ORTLIEB products so that they can be used again in tough conditions.


Waste caused in the company and in Ortlieb production is separated, recycled and disposed of according to legal regulations. ORTLIEB's first climate balance in 2014 also considered wastes of so-called scope 3 CO2 emissions (indirect follow-up emissions). 2% of total emissions caused by Ortlieb are due to waste and its disposal, in particular synthetics from our production and cardboard boxes. Despite an increase in production between 2011 and 2015 there was only a slight deviation of the amount of waste in absolute figures. The climate balance - with regards to waste - per produced piece was improved from 2011 to 2015.
The ecological weak spot of Ortlieb products is the disposal of PVC plastic waste from production and of worn out/old products. Therefore, a long product life time and the ease of performing repairs on Ortlieb products are extremely important. Normally, Ortlieb products consist of various different polymers which can be separated from each other only by using large amounts of water and energy (negative eco balance). Disposal of PVC is not allowed in Germany, since small amounts of plasticizers may get into the ground water. Modern incineration plants and smart emission control systems are essential for preventing the release of toxic dioxins caused by burning PVC waste in incineration plants.

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