Paramo Green Retailer

Paramo Green Retailer
Sister outdoor companies, Páramo and Nikwax place huge importance on respecting the environment and investing in it for the future - it is one of the driving forces behind both companies, in business practices as well as company ethos.
To further this, Páramo and Nikwax have combined their wide reach across the outdoor industry to launch a new initiative: The Green Retailer scheme. The scheme recognises retailers who consider the environment in running their business and encourages all their retailers to highlight their environmental efforts and achievements, and to think about how they can improve their sustainability in the future.
All current retailers were sent a questionnaire about their environmental practices and commitment covering environmental policies and systems in place, energy supply, carbon 'footprint' and recycling streams as well as giving them a chance to list other initiatives that they've undertaken which have a positive environmental impact.
Results show the retailers' environmentally-friendly activities are wide-ranging:
" swapping to low energy lighting and opting for no heating in stores;
" providing reusable jute carrier bags;
" recycling outdoor gear;
" generating their own electricity from solar panels and wind turbines;
" developing a carbon conservation scheme which works with the National Trust for Scotland to restore upland peat on the Isle of Arran.
Companies that meet the minimum score rating are recognised as Nikwax & Páramo Green Retailers. All those that applied have been given practical advice and pointers on how to reduce their environmental footprint. All Nikwax and Páramo retailers, including new stockists for the brands, will be given regular opportunities (and advice) to help them achieve Green Retailer status in the future.
The 2011 Nikwax & Páramo Green Retailers can be located on or
Nick Brown, Páramo & Nikwax MD, says:
"We are making strong efforts to try to minimise the environmental impact that we have as a company. We are acutely aware that humanly induced climate change destabilises our market right now, and is infinitely more serious for those who are at the margin of making a living in the developing world. We are therefore delighted to be able to recognise some of our retail partners who are also making strong efforts to mitigate their environmental footprint. Ultimately, only by working together, will we be able to limit the current climate crisis and try to avert what may otherwise become a climate disaster for our children and grandchildren."

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