Netherton Foundry

Designed and built in Shropshire, Netherton foundry produce great pans, at home we use the 12" frying and 10" pancake pan several times every week, they are our go to pans. They come pre-seasoned and get even better with use.

Our favourite frying pan and pancake pan are from Netherton Foundry.

The Netherton Foundry objective is to design and build quality products made from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. Presently, more than 75% of their product's value achieves this objective and theyare constantly looking to do better. In their own small way, they are committed to reducing our impact on this fragile planet by building products that will last, from materials they trust.

Their policy is to

Reduce the wasteful shipping of materials around the globe.
Develop local supply partners and use sustainable materials.
Use finishes and materials that can be restored and even improve with age.
Be easily repaired with simple tools. We will ensure spare parts are available.
Be packed in readily recyclable packaging, which ensures the product arrives fit for use.

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