Netherton Foundry 10" Glamping Frying Pan

A superb spun iron frying pan with a removable handle for compact packing for your gastronomic camping adventures.

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A 10" spun Iron frying pan from Netherton Foundry in Shropshire, with removable oak handle. Perfect for the kitchen and outdoor cooking.

This Shropshire made frying pan has been created by a technique called spinning, allowing the guys at Netherton foundry to create a pan with all the properties of Cast iron at a fraction of the weight. This makes it ideal for bush crafters and the outdoor cooking enthusiast alike. Using the finest British raw materials and machines dating back to the 1930's, along side modern design techniques. Neil and Sue from the Netherton foundry have created a pan you will have for a lifetime and then some.

The 10" Frying Pan features an iron handle with brass fixings that allow you to remove the handle so you can shove it in the oven or under the grill. It is also possible to remove the British Oak handle covers if you are using it over a big open fire.

Handy Tips

You're going to love your Netherton foundry pan but to keep it working at its best for years to come here is a few top tips.

- Always cook your food from room temperature, not only will your food taste better its good for your pan.
- Heat the pan up slowly. If you are using induction or a high powered cooking system warm the pan before going to full power. NEVER use on a ring that is too small for the pan.
- Never drop a pan in to cold water. Although extremely satisfying that sizzling sound, is the sound of your pan buckling.
- Oil your food not your pan. Your Netherton Foundry pan is non stick, it doesn't need oil but if you need oil on your food for flavour apply it directly to your food.
- Never wash your pan with washing up liquid, hot water and a wood spatula or stiff plastic brush is fine, your pan is tough it can take a scrubbing if needed.
- If you find that some food has stuck, place in boiling water or boil water in it to soften stuck food.
- Immediately dry with a towel. Never allow the bowl, lid or pan to stand and air-dry as this will encourage rusting.
- Season your pan with a very thin layer of Flax Oil. Netherton Foundry's Flax oil is sorced from Sussex and works really well, but other oils are perfectly acceptable, just be wary of cheaper oils as they use a different strain of Flax which doesn't work well.

Manufacturers Product Number NFS-168