Probably the last water bottle you will ever buy!

In the 1970s, conservationists began discouraging the disposal of cans and glass bottles by burning and burial in wilderness and recreation areas, and some places began forbidding such materials by regulation. Nalgene products became popular replacements among backpackers.

By the late 1990s, the "Nalgene" trademark was recognized by many hikers, and sales of the 1-litre wide-mouth bottle of translucent polycarbonate (originally typically grey, but now commonly in bright colors), with a screw-on plastic top that stays attached when the bottle is open, began to increase. Today, many hikers and others recognize the distinctive appearance of Nalgene-branded bottles. Its laboratory pedigree is still suggested by the markings, in hundreds of millilitres, of the volume contained. The materials resist stains and odors absorption, and can be filled with boiling water. The wide-mouth bottle is more widely used and sold over the narrow-mouth bottles in sub-freezing conditions, since it is easier to break through ice in the wider mouth. People often boil snow and ice, put in into their Nalgene and use it as a hot water bottle when camping in freezing conditions, then waking in the morning to fresh, cold, pre-boiled drinking water.

We have a staff member who has a Nalgene 1 Litre (32oz) Widemouth that they are still using nearly 25 years after buying it for their DofE Bronze Expedition.

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